Feelings after 10A’s Skopje Trip

10A_SkopjeNever before have I had such a beautiful time. Everything around us just seemed so frivolous and all we wanted was to enjoy the happiness freedom, friendship and the most important thing was the fact that the fun had just begun and nothing else mattered.

Personally this was my first trip to SKOPJE as a group and I think this was a great opportunity to get away from our daily lives and to experience something different for a change. We ask ourselves can a minute, an hour change our lives? And the answer is yes, because the trip was getting more entertaining and special by each minute.

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The laughter all those beautiful smiles we shared came from the bottom of our hearts and I have to say it was unimaginable but understandable cause the passion of our teacher and desire to teach us new things about the historical places we visited the town and even the street caused to bring out the best in all of us.

Life is a long journey, we expect a lot from it, but at same time we want to reach different goals and one of them is to be happy and that’s what we achieve during this one day trip, we were happy..!
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