The Physics Competition

physics_finalThe first round of competition was really tough, all students were set on doing their best. Finally the results came in, 11B was first followed by 11C, D and E, each of them two points behind. On the coming Friday they were going to confront each other in the final round.

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Friday came…
What a wonderful final we had last Friday.
As competitors set in their appointed desks and all preperations came to an end and the competition started.
11B had a rough start, as by the second question they had got no points, but then things took a turn and by the 10th question they were trailing the leaders by 10 points.
Then it was fierce battle for the lead, with the leadership switching between 11B and 11E.
The 20th and the last question came with 11B leading by 1 question. As the time went out 11B didn’t have a question unlike 11E. The results were shown and the leading teams came to a tie. They had to overcome their emotions and prepare themselves for the tiebreaker.
The qustion came and time started ticking. 30 seconds passed in a dreadful silence. As the answers were shown by the teams it appeared that 11B was victorious.
They roared in celebration, they won !!

1st Place 11B
2nd Place 11E
3rd Place 11C