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The Mousetrap Car Competition


Physics Department has organized a Mousetrap Car Competition and it was held on 23rd March 2010. After an exciting and amazing race, Genc Mucolli and Mustaf Isufi took first place by 9.50m distance.
The second place : Besnik Uka and Defrim Shabani by 5.40m distance
The third place : Avdullah Hoxha and Kastriot Orana by 5.20m distance.
Thanks for all participants.

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The Count Down Competition

mathscountdownIt started with the teacher one day, when he took us down to the Multi Media, where we had played a game about calculating 6 numbers, 2 Numbers ranged from 100 to 25, and 4 numbers ranged from 1 to 10.
I was the one chosen to represent my class, since I was the one who calculated more quicker than the others, and when the Math Competition came I was mysteriously cold, it seemed even though I had a double layer coat it was still VERY cold, maybe it was the thrill of playing, that kept me going.
The game was organized very thoughtfully by the Class 10-C and the Math Teachers, I had a lot of fun seeing my other companions and me try to solve the different questions, it was exciting to play, and I believe I speak for the others that we had a fun time during the competition . In the Competition Uran Merovci (10C) ranked the first place,Granit Krasniqi(10A) second place and Bersant Gashi(10B) the third place.

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