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Trip to Albania

albaniaEach country has something amaze. Albania sure does . That’s where me , my friends and teachers have been to . It’s not necessary to travel thousands of miles just to see something you have never seen .Decision was taken .The place that we would go to visit was Albania .
We were very excited .We started our trip from Banulla . And the first place which we visited was Yahya Kemal College in Struga . We rested there a few . Then we continued our trip to Shkodra . Shkodra was our hosting place . After resting in Shkodra , we visited Tirana , more exactly Dajti Mountain . The sky was not overcast and the sun was shining .Everything was in green.It was an amazing view . In city of Tirana we went to Epoka High School And University ,and also to Tajvan Square. We liked Tirana very much ! While coming back we visited Kavaja and Struga again.We liked the trip very much and enjoyed every minute of it .
We also should mention that we beat Shkodra’s basketball school team , by letting them only score 5 points.

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Trip To Gadime Caves

gadimeThere was a rumor going on. “We are going to visit the cave called Gadime, as a whole class’’. As soon as we hear that, we left our bags quickly in class, and then walked away. Such a sunny day, while the sun rays were getting attached to our young faces. Later on, we just realized that we were waiting in a huge line to get in the cave and listen to the tutor’ words.The ambient was totally different, startingfrom the climate, it was too cold. Still, we hugged each other and got to know most interesting albanian stories that altogether made us warm inside.

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