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INEPO 2010

inepoOur students participated in INEPO (International Project Olympiad). The school was represented by groups from Mehmet Akif College Prishtina:
•Teuta Qerimi & Trendelina Rrustemi-“Cleaning of river with biological methods”
•Diana Bislimi & Merita Abdyli-“Absorption of heavy metals on ash thrown by thermo central Kosova A”
Both teams were awarded with medals. “Absorption of heavy metals on ash thrown by thermo central Kosova A” won the silver medal, whereas “Cleaning of river with biological methods” got bronze medal. Together with the medals, the competition was resulted with a lot of experience too. The students learnt a lot of new things. Our country was also represented by 4 students of Mehmet Akif College Prizren:
•Fiqrije Hoxha & Erblina Hoxha- “Absorption of heavy metals with human hair”
•Dafina Karahoda & Dilara Meco-“Wastes on Roof and Wall”
Who also were awarded with silver and bronze medal respectively.

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11th Graders Albania Trip

SONY DSCOur trip to Albania was very impressive, on our way to Tirana we stopped at the Yahya Kemal College campus in Struga, which was a beautiful and modern campus since it was built in 2009, we also had dinner in Struga after that we continued our journey to Tirana.
When we arrived at the Turgut Ozal Campus in Tirana we were speechless by the beauty of that campus it had everything that is required to be able to hold highly educative lessons in that environment, not to forget our visit to Epoka University where we received a warm welcome from the staff, also we met with some Mehmet Akif College graduates in Prishtina who are currently studying there.

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I-SWEEEP2010Congratulations !

I-SWEEEP 2010 brought together over 1,000 brightest science like-minded students and their supervisors in Houston. Young scientists from 70 countries and 43 U.S. states displayed their 470 science projects about pressing issues of energy, engineering, and environment.
Our students Ismail Uka, Besnik Uka and Labinot Krasniqi participated in this competition and awarded by Silver Medal and Special Award from the University of Houston.
Our students Leutrim Syla,Qendrim limani and Visar Dreshaj also participated in I-Sweep 2010 and awarded by Bronze medal..

We Congratulate our students and their Mentor teachers on their valuable work in the competitions.

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