11th Graders Albania Trip

SONY DSCOur trip to Albania was very impressive, on our way to Tirana we stopped at the Yahya Kemal College campus in Struga, which was a beautiful and modern campus since it was built in 2009, we also had dinner in Struga after that we continued our journey to Tirana.
When we arrived at the Turgut Ozal Campus in Tirana we were speechless by the beauty of that campus it had everything that is required to be able to hold highly educative lessons in that environment, not to forget our visit to Epoka University where we received a warm welcome from the staff, also we met with some Mehmet Akif College graduates in Prishtina who are currently studying there.

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We visited Skanderbeg square, Citypark shopping center, Taiwan Center, but the most fascinating place we visited was Mount Dajti, we took a 15 min cable car ride to the Mountain, upon arrival we felt the fresh and clean air immediately, from Mt. Dajti you can see most of the Capital City.
We stayed there for more than 1 hour than we returned again with cable cars, what we saw there cannot be written easily in a text it needs to be seen to understand the beauty of Mt. Dajti.
After visiting different attractions in Tirana, we spent another night in the beautiful and clean dormitories of Turgut Ozal College than we continued our journey to a very famous touristic city Durrës, there we spend more than 3 hours, on the way back to Pristina we stopped at Ohrid city in Macedonia and spent some time there seeing the old historic bazaar and seaside as well. We arrived Pristina late in the night.