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Physics Competition Final

physThe final stage of 2011 physics competition between the 11 graders have been completed on 24 Thursday, February, 2011.
In the 1st stage, 27 students wrote an individual test and among them 9 students deserved for the final.
According to final,

  • 11 E students Arlinda Sheholli, Elena Krasniqi and Rinor Maloku became champion (170points).
  • 11 F students Arianit Ajeti, Rron Bunjaku and Magbule Rizani took 2nd place (120points).
  • 11 B students Bersant Gashi, Nida Krasniqi and Busra Nur Zeynep Sen took 3rd place (110 points).

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Turkish Ambassador to Kosova visits MAC


The Ambassador  of Turkish Republic to Kosova, Songül Ozan, visited Mehmet Akif College in Lipjan on Wednesday. She was warmly welcomed  by Hayri Hatipoğlu, the director of the school and students applauded her arriving.  The Ambassador  was given information about the College. Mrs Ozan visited some classrooms and laboratories and attended the program prepared for her about Kosova Turkey relationships.

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Independence Day Celebration

independenceWe celebrated  3rd Anniversary of Kosova’s Independence day last week.

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Physics Competition 2011 Starts

physics2011 Physics Competition among 11 graders started. The competition consists of 2 stages.
For the 1st stage, test exam will be held on Friday 11, 2011.
Have a success for all participants.

Chemistry Week

chem_weekWe had chemistry week activities last week.

During the week activities a chemistry competition was organised among 10-graders.
The first group was formed from: Gentiana Retkoceri,Aurora Arifi,Anda Mustafa and the second group was formed from : Rron Rexhaj,Andi Bislimi,Ardit Brovina.
The second round of competition was held in 27/01/2011 with students from Mac in Prizren and the students from ISP .
After a wonderful race the first group was more successful than the other groups and got the first place.
Next day in 28/01/2011 students had a competition for experitment.The students from different grades had done a great job by showing their abilities to the jury and by presenting a different experiments relating with chemistry.They presented the formation of volcano, gaining the mirror form silver ,ppt reactions, burning of sodium in water etc.The way of presenting the experiment and the way of explaining it, was so important for the students because that was the way how they were evaluated by the jury.

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