Chemistry Week

chem_weekWe had chemistry week activities last week.

During the week activities a chemistry competition was organised among 10-graders.
The first group was formed from: Gentiana Retkoceri,Aurora Arifi,Anda Mustafa and the second group was formed from : Rron Rexhaj,Andi Bislimi,Ardit Brovina.
The second round of competition was held in 27/01/2011 with students from Mac in Prizren and the students from ISP .
After a wonderful race the first group was more successful than the other groups and got the first place.
Next day in 28/01/2011 students had a competition for experitment.The students from different grades had done a great job by showing their abilities to the jury and by presenting a different experiments relating with chemistry.They presented the formation of volcano, gaining the mirror form silver ,ppt reactions, burning of sodium in water etc.The way of presenting the experiment and the way of explaining it, was so important for the students because that was the way how they were evaluated by the jury.

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