Physics Week Activities

physweekPhysics week (26-29/04/2011) has ended. Here are the results of competitions:

Tug-o-war (rope-pulling) competition:

11 D class took first place. (Shaban Braina, Firdeus Çerkezi, Arianit Kryeziu, Aulon Fazliu and Donat Dragusha)

Scoring-basket competition:

Dren Krasniqi from 10 C class took  first place.

Egg-carrying competition:

Firdeus Çerkezi from 11 D class took first place.

Water rocket competition:

  • First place: Ali Hoti and Lindon Nuha
  • Second place: Indrit Selmani and Lorik Maxhuni
  • Third place: Andi Haxhiu and Bonart Ajvazi

Thanks for all competitors and winners!

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