Albania Trip With 9 C Boys

9cInAlbaniaMAC organized a trip to Durres and Tiran for 9 C boys with their counselor and Chemistry teacher Mr. Mehmet OKUYUCU between 2-4 November , 2012 after long and hard exam week. It was the sunniest weekend of last weeks. This was one of the reasons why we enjoyed our trip.

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Our first stop in Durres was Turgut Ozal College. It was amazing for the students to play a soccer in the big sport saloon of Turgut Ozal College in Friday and Saturday nights as well as making a play station tournament with their teacher to choose the best one in FIFA 2013. After having a breakfast, we headed to Dayt (Teleferik). We really had a great time by riding a horse and motorbike at the top of the mountain. Dajti was gorgeous because of the beautiful sightseeing. As second stop we visited Epoka University to gain some important information about Epoka University and to have a lunch there as well. Then, we stopped at two big shopping centers which are named as City park and Teg Tiran East Gate in order. The students spent most of their time of the day in those buildings. They shopped there and they had a chance to go to the stores that they really wanted to see. At that night, we went back to the campus of Turgut Ozal in Durres to stay overnight. The students felt at home in those places.
In the next morning, we were served for breakfast in dining hall of Turgut Ozal College. Next, we had an important opportunity to go for a walk along seaside by taking some nice pictures and having various of fun in the Luna park. We had to leave college by noon. Then, we headed to Prizren by stopping at a famous restaurant for dinner over there. Finally, we evaluated our trip while we were enjoying the restaurant. Everybody agreed on that it was an enjoyable trip. To conclude, the students got to know each other better owing to this trip.