Panairi ushqimor

yardimNxenesit e kolegjit tone, te klaseve te 12-ta kane organizuar nje panair ushqimor. Panairi eshte mbajtur per pese dite  ne objektin e kolegjit Mehmet Akif, meqe rast parate e fituara nga ky panair jane dedikuar per bamirsi. Fale ndihmes se nxenesve dhe prinderve te tyre, nga keto para jane ndihmuar me produkte ushqimore 30 familje te varfera. Falenderojme nxenesit dhe prinderit e tyre per pjesmarrjen dhe kontributin e dhene ne kete panair.

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Travelling with the Speed of Light Back in Time

Something really interesting happened to me on December 03, 2011. After helping to organize a whole week of food fair and other charity activites, together with my friends and teachers we prepared some packages of food and hygiene products for those in need.
In Saturday morning we gathered in the school yard ,got into a minibuss and started our journey to find the less fortunate.I personally thought I had seen everything in television and there wasn’t anything I wasn’t prepared for.The night before we had the idea to buy some candy,just in case we came across any children .And so we did..

The noisy ,enthusiastic conversations in the bus immediately stopped.A mountain side with crowded houses and narrow roads lay in front of us.The only noises one could hear were the barking of some abandoned dog or the casual screaming of a child.This was the mountin-side part of the village of Janjeva.Where my eye could catch nothing but bandoned houses with broken windows and ratted roof-tops.
We left the bus down the mountain in the field and started carrying bags of flour and packages of food up.During our trip to the tip of the mountain everyone would once in a while stop and stare,and maybe take pictures out of the bemusemet.I had seen nothing of the kind earlier.I would describe it as an anachronism,something that maybe belongs to the 19th century instead of the 21st . During our road to the top it would be strange if we heard a noise or saw a person,because all those crowded houses ,sticking together like fortresses were empty.

The one meter thick roads led us in top of the mountin where a small house inhibited by 3 persons laid strong.My eye caught a little handsome boy.He was maybe 8 years old ,with blonde hair,blue eyes and blushed cheeks.While following him with my eyes I noticed he came close to a barefoot woman ,he hugged her and than started jumping up and down of joy.I scanned both mother and child from head to toe.The mother had blonde hair turned brown,reddish face,swallown throat,some old thin clothes,and was barefoot.I stopped here,I couldn’t take my eyes off of her feet.They were black .I reckoned they took that color because of the cold but moreover I came to understand that the woman did not have any shoes,or socks for that matter ,and always walked barefoot.
Very close to their home was a very small house ,better said a room,with the window and door spaces but without the actual windows or door.The villager that had accompanied us up there told us that for several years the 3 member family had lived there through summer and winter.Their “beds” were made of clothes they could find in the garbage laid in the cement ground.

Coming across this family didn’t make me undersand that I should be thankful for the comfort that God and my family have provided me with.I already was thankful of it and knew it’s value.It actually brought to my attention that one day,just one day I may become like that.Or maybe not.Maybe I will become very sucessful,rich,happy and my life would turn out perfect.Thus, I promised something to myself.I promised myself that I would study very very hard,because I would not only fnd it helpful in my hypothetical successful,rich,happy life .But I will also find it helpful in my hypothetically miserable life.In that moment this was my life plan : study hard become rich and do something about that kind of people.But then again I thought,if life gives me lemons,I will make a lemonade and take life as it comes.I will not lament myself for being less fortunate.I will use my knowledge and find a solution about that too. Because life has once again proven my grandfathers’s saying that “knowledge is the gratest wealth a person can have” ….