Golden Climate International Environmental Project Olympiad

GCIEPOOur students Natyra Xharavina, Margjela Shala, and Rina Bardoniqi represented Republic of Kosova in Golden Climate International Environmental Project Olympiad (GCIEPO) organized in Kenya (Africa). In GCIEPO our student from 12 B Natyra Xharavina won silver medal, whereas  Margjela Shala and Rina Bardoniqi from 10 C were awarded with bronze medals. Congratulations to our dear students for their outstanding achievements.

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The worst feeling in the world?

When the best moments of your life come to an end and all you wanna do is go back in time and re-live those days.

The days when we sang our hearts out while driving bicycle in the middle of Istanbul, the days when we waved to random people in the street and they would wave us back. The days when the words “kardes” and “ma shpejt” would make us laugh till our stomach would hurt. The days when we would play the piano in the mall and we would be chased by security. The days when the first words we learned in african were ” hi nisengapi? ” that means “how much does it cost?”. The days when we would dance with the african song Jambo Bwana in the airport on our way back home.

All these days, all these memories spent by us (Margjela Shala, Rina Bardoniqi, Natyra Xharavina and our supervisor Gurcu abla) as participants of Golden Climate International Enviromental Project Olympiad (GCIEPO). What made it even better are the medals, bronze and silver , and the golden memories we will never forget.