Essay writing competition

Writing is empowering, and not just because it’s fun to tap into that creative vein and be amazed by the riches there. Writing, in all its varied forms and purposes, is a complex process. It calls upon us to bring our left and right brain together to shape experiences and feeling into something another person can read and understand. Many people, children in particular, view the whole process as mysterious and inaccessible. The good news is: anyone can learn to write and every writer has their own unique process. Since writing is so important, teacher Ensar Bajrami organized a “writing competition” in which 10th graders took part. Students were supposed to show their creativity by writing an essay related to a particular topic. After a tough competition, best essays are:

  • 1st place Edona Ramadani
  • 2nd place Donat Salihu
  • 3rd place Agnesa Abdyli / Rinor Hajrizi