English Time

“To love, to enjoy and to explore English” was the theme of English week this year. In order to enhance student’s interest to learn English, different marvelous and interesting activities were held during this week. To spice up the activities, a lot of students together with me (teacher: Ensar Bajrami) did a great job and tried to make English week a success. To summarize the activities, we had a grammar competition, debate, storytelling, presentations, being a teacher for a day etc… I am very gratefully to my students for their excellent job. In grammar competition the first place: 10 E, the second: 10 C and the third: 10 A, whereas in debate excelled Flutura Shabani, Rinor Hajrizi, Erudit Qerimi, Gresa Rushiti, Erda Limoni, Edon Budakova.

Wish you all the best.

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