World Food Day

This activity started on Saturday when we started the preparations. This was done in collaboration with the kids that visit the school continuously and they enjoyed it very much. Firstly we started by discussing about healthy eating and brainstorming ideas about Monday. The ideas were very good and helpful, and the collaboration spirit was very impressive. Everyone’s ideas were welcome by the members and the discussion was very lively and prolific. So then we got to work by starting to prepare the posters with slogans for healthy eating. They were very creative and their ideas flowed naturally and the outcome was very satisfying. During the weekend we prepared the food and on October 16 we organized the food fair. Food like oat meal, smoothies, pancakes, traditional food and cakes filled the canteen tables. We also made tote bags with the intent to say no to plastic bags. We would like to thank the kids for their contribution and the teachers for the support. Without them this wouldn’t have been possible. We as a club promise to use the money we made for our activities in a very responsible manner. We will be transparent as we always have been.