“N’vend t’vet”

With Delta Club’s request and the director’s approval, as well as the GAC’s will to co-operate with Mehmet Akif College, the association came to visit our school to bring four recycling bins as promised and present to us their project “N’vend t’vet”. Therefore a presentation was held for our students to gain more information over their work as a non-governmental association. The most important point, being teaching how to practice the habit of recycling was beautifully and clearly conveyed. In that short period of time, students got to learn so much about the importance of our health, protecting the environment, recycling and the chain goes on. We are very grateful for their generous offer to help our small community in school contribute to the benefits of the environment. We will make sure that this project goes in the best way possible and we hope that we will have the continuous support from GAC association.