Periodic Table Competition

Our school organized a three-phase Periodic Table Competition. Fifty-one pairs of students took part in the first phase to fill a blank periodic table within two minutes. Twenty-one pairs qualified for the second phase were asked to correctly place each given element on a card on a blank periodic table within 7 minutes. Depending on the number of elements correctly placed, four pairs were chosen as competitors for the final phase (to compete in the final phase). The final phase was a general knowledge of Periodic Table Competition.

The pairs competing in the final phase were the following:

•Enes Hasani & Arta Kuleta from 11
•Aurora Saraçi & Hana Habibi from 11
•Edlira Miftari & Fiona Murati from 12B
•Argjentina Deliu & Sihana Metrama from 12E

The first place winners were Enes Hasani & Arta Kuleta;
the second place winners were Aurora Saraçi & Hana Habibi;
and the third place winners were Edlira Miftari & Fiona Murati and Argjentina Deliu & Sihana Metrama.