The declaration of our lawyers

Here is our statement on the latest developments of our clients:

Our clients; six Turkish citizens, have been taken under custody this morning by Kosovo Police. We could not receive solid information on the reasoning of these arrests but we were told that their stay permits were canceled and thus they were taken under custody.
Soon after, Turkish media has published news that these people were taken by the Turkish Intelligence to Turkey. Both President Thaçi, Prime Minister Haradinaj, Minister of Justice Tahiri and Foreign Affairs Minister Pocolli has indicated that they were not informed about such a deportation and were suspicious of the urgency of the action.
Regardless of the Turkish Media coverage, we have received credible information that our clients are being kept in Kosovo and have not been transferred to Turkey yet. We look forward political leadership of Kosovo to step up and show leadership by stopping this deportation if our clients are still in Kosovo as mentioned. We are very concerned and worried about the safety of our clients. We are willing to face with the accusations, if any, at Kosovo courts.