Pascal’s Triangle Competition

The aim is to construct the Pascal’s Triangle by plastic glasses on which the numbers are. It is not the ordinary construction of the Pascal’s Triangle: Don’t start from the top, but from the 8th row.

It needs some skills; you must be fast, careful, calm, patient and open eyed. Even in the last second, the construction of your rivals can collapse and you can win.

The winner of this competition of 32 teams is the team of Butrint Kerveshi and Dren Hima from 11B with a record of the fastest construction, 45 seconds.

We congratulate all the participants for their contribution and also the students of 11B for their big help in the organization; Aurora Kqiku, Behije Shehu, Butrint Kerveshi, Dionis Salihu, Dren Hima, Enes Kryeziu, Gent Skenderi, Lorine Bajrami and Shend Zeka.